In Memoriam

This page was created at the request of some relatives who wished to write some words relating to those people who were clients of the firm and whose probate affairs we dealt with. We liked the idea as we have often known the clients personally for many years. Many people have already created something for a funeral or service, so if you are a relative or Executor and would like to add something then please contact us by email.

We will edit it for you so you don't need to worry about how good your written English is, we just need a word processed document and we will put it on our web-page as a downloadable pdf, so it can be visited by others or copied to others. When its been posted to the website we will send an email to you to let you know we have done it. This is a free service and it does take a few weeks for us to go through it so please be patient.

In terms of format anything posted will be listed by date of death and then the persons second name then first name. You can also add a picture as you remember them or as you wish them to be remembered and we would ask that you keep your story to 2,500 words, don't worry if its a bit over because we will edit it down to that.