Our clients are usually looking for super-competent help sorting out how best to make sure things are taken care of when they die, this isn't always about money or property.

You may want to make sure the tax man or local council doesn't get what isn't or shouldn't be theirs.

You may be worried about your spouse or children having to deal with everything and you don't want to leave a mess behind for them to sort out.

You want to make sure that those who you want to benefit actually do so and may be worried about cases in the press where money has gone to those who people didn't want to have it.

You may have a will but its out of date now and things have changed

You may already have a will but its in another part of the country with another firm and you want to have it local to you.

When you talk to us you will be asked about what you want to achieve and why, you don't need to worry about actual solutions as we will work out the best legal way for you to achieve it and make sure the will does what you want. We can also do home visits if you cant come to a local office.

There really only is one time you need to do a will and that's now because who knows what will happen tomorrow? It's a bit like promising you will cut the grass on a nice dry day and then you don't, but the following weeks are just rain, rain, rain.

Give us a ring and make an appointment, isn't it time to 'cut the grass'?