We work with people who want to feel they are in safe hands but who want a much better than average service when dealing with their property matters. It's a very stressful time for everyone

Clients usually come to us because they have been disappointed by the service that they have received before from other firms.

You really don't like being unable to contact the person handling your matter and as a result you may get more stressed about not knowing what's going on in an already stressful circumstance

You know there is a process and you know it will all take time but its also very stressful for you and your family so you also want to know that things are moving on in a timely manner.

You will have a client contact person who will progress your matter and regularly keep you updated, usually every week, and let you know what next the steps are. We know you will be anxious partly because you feel out of control of the process, even though common sense tells you that's the nature of the work, but you will feel assured that you know what's happening and why at every stage.

Do you want a good experience and feel you are in safe hands?

Come and become one of our many the clients who come back to us for every move or change, even when they leave the immediate area. Give us a ring or pop in and see us.