Powers of Attorney

Although many clients are in their 50's or older, business owners and those who frequently travel or who have relatives far away are also looking for help to make sure their affairs are taken care of when they aren't able to do so; this may be about running their firm; dealing with money or property; or it could be about welfare treatment if you are going into hospital.

You want to make sure someone trustworthy deals with your very personal matters, especially if it involves money or your personal welfare.

You may be worried about your spouse or children having to deal with everything and not having legal authority to do so.

You want to make sure that the very costly alternatives are avoided.

You will be asked about what you want to achieve and why and who you want to have help you do it. Then we get it done for you.

You don't want to find you owe money, or be refused access to hospital care, or leave your money or assets in the care of people you don't trust do you?

Phone or email us today and let us help you get this sorted out for your own security.