Family Law Solicitors

We only do Family Law in London or for existing clients elsewhere. If you have Family issues or need to get a Divorce and you are based in London and the surrounding area or are an existing client of our firm then we would be delighted to assist you. We are not a Legal Aid provider so we cannot help in cases that qualify for that.

We work with those whose family relationships have become difficult or don't work for them anymore. Frequently this involves your children and their well being. Most clients are already deeply upset and worried until things get settled and they can move on.

You are upset and hurt at how things are and feel its really time to do something and move on.

You may be worried about your children and the impact the current circumstances may be having on them.

You have tried to find ways to make the relationship successful but nothing seem to work despite your best efforts.

You may be anxious about money and since legal aid doesn't really exist anymore you will need to resolve how you will pay to get things sorted

You may have been separated for some time and now have a new person in your life, so its time to tidy up the past.

We work out the best route forward for you, avoiding court whenever possible and sort out how you can pay. The legal divorce or separation is usually straight forward provided agreement can be reached on how to divide the assets fairly and if we come to an arrangement about any children that is beneficial for all parties. We have many happy clients who we have helped through what for many is a difficult time.

Isn't it time you got your life sorted and enabled yourself to move on?

Give us a ring, make an appointment and lets see what we can do to help sort things out?