We have high expectations and in return we provide the training and opportunities suited to you. Many of our staff have become qualified working with us and in time go on to do extraordinary things. Other firms frequently try and poach our staff because they know they will get well qualified, results driven people who meet the high standards we expect. Unlike many firms we don't grumble about it but are actually honoured by that and accept that as the 'price' of having really good people in the first place.

We are from very diverse backgrounds and tend to reflect the populace around our offices.but regardless of background the most important thing for us are people who have a passion for what they do, who produce results for the clients and also for the firm and themselves. Clients recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues because they make a personal connection with our lawyers and other staff.

We invest a lot of time, money and effort in developing and supporting people's career aspirations so if you want to get qualified or are part way through or wish to get a further qualification that's relevant to the work we do, we will support you to go as far as you are willing and able. You will always be supervised according to your knowledge and experience and we prefer to give people a lot of freedom early on if you can take it and use as light a supervisory touch whenever possible.

We are always interested in good high quality staff and will consider people for roles even if we don't have an explicit vacancy.

We do offer training contracts to those wishing to qualify as Solicitors who have also done their LPC but we expect you to have worked in another firm doing relevant work for at least 12 months before you apply to us.

If you see a role you for which you wish to make an application please email us your CV. Please ensure that your application (either additional letter or CV) also has your current salary, notice period for your current role and if you have a legal qualification when that was obtained.